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How to Begin
Author Lisa Barrickman celebrated turning forty by performing an intentional act of kindness every day for the forty days leading up to her birthday. Her simple celebration quickly had a ripple effect and in less than a year, more than 20,000 separate acts of kindness took place as other began their own kindness journeys and started changing lives.
Get started on your own kindness campaign! Download the How to Begin guide by clicking the image.
Kindness Kit
Now that you are ready to begin, the Kindness Kit will equip you. Enter your email and we'll send you the easy-to-print kit that includes:
  • A Kindness To-Go List: more than 50 kindness activity ideas
  • A Kindness Group Sign-Up Sheet
  • A List of Charitable Organizations
  • Kindness Quotes: something to inspire you along the way
It's everything you need to get a group started on a Kindness campaign!
Get Your Kindness Kit
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